P8, Ulrich Rothbauer

Nano- and Chromobodies for structural and functional analysis of the MOM associated components Miro1, Milton/TRAK and Drp1

Single-domain antibody fragments (nanobodies, NB) and derivates thereof (chromobodies, CB) emerge as highly versatile nanoprobes for biochemistry and cell biology. In this project, we will generate NBs/CBs targeting the MOM-integrated and associated components Miro1, Milton/TRAK and Drp1 by phage display from nanobody gene libraries. In collaboration with partners of the consortium, the novel nanoprobes will be employed for structural studies, super resolution microscopy and proteomics. These tools will help us to overcome limitations of current available approaches and to gain unprecedented insights into localization, organization and dynamics of these MOMbrane components in different biological systems.

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